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A brand new airsoft site coming to south wales?

We are excited to announce our brand new site coming to south wales at nant-y-moor park, Newport. Our games will run every saturday starting on the 29th of april 2023!

For more information about our site and game days please visit our website

or follow airsoft cymru the checkpoint on facebook and instagram

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Site Rules

Please adhere to the 10mph speed limit on entry and exit to the site!

A marshal will be on hand at arrival to direct you to the parking for the checkpoint, please refrain from parking in the designated Nant-Y-Moor parking leading to the cafe.


  • ALL Weapons must be made safe before entering the Safe Zone and MUST remain safe until you enter the game zone.


  • No magazines in weapons, Chambers must always be cleared and safeties on.


  • HPA tanks must be disconnected from the RIF.


  • No Dry Firing in the safe zone. 





  • Eye protection must be worn at all times in the game area.  Eye protection may only be removed in the safe zone.


  • Under 18’s must wear a single piece full face protection must be worn at all times in the game area.  Eye protection may only be removed in the safe zone.


  • Do not engage players who are covering their eyes.





  • All weapons must go through our chronograph prior to being used in the game zone.


  • Usually, we will chronograph on your BB’s, however, be aware that we may substitute for our own BBs if we suspect anyone of trying to ‘cheat’ the chrono process.

  • We only permit the use of biodegradable BBs.

  • HPA users must be able to have their regulator tournament locked.


Full auto/Pistol/Shotgun limit       - 350fps (0.20g) or 1.13J

DMR/Locked Semi auto                 - 450fps (0.20g) or 1.88J

Bolt Action Sniper rifles                 - 500fps (0.20g) or 2.3J






On check, each player will be issued a player number.  Any rule infractions will be noted against your player number, 3 strikes and you’ll be asked to leave the site.


  • Airsoft is a game of honesty, take your hits! When hit, raise your hand and shout HIT, keep your hand raised until you reach the respawn area.


  • If someone isn’t taking their hits, call a marshal and where possible, inform the marshal of the player number.


  • Anyone arguing will be asked to respawn, if this continues you will be asked to sit out the rest of the game.


  • NO blind firing, you must have line of sight.


  • Dead men don’t talk!  Don’t be tempted to whisper to your team mates on the way back to spawn!


  • We don’t operate a ‘bang’ rule but don’t be stupid, over shooting will not be tolerated, a shot or two is sufficient.

  • On the day, rules will be briefed prior to the start of each game in the safe zone.  Be sure to listen as there may be changes to boundaries and objectives.

  • Three blows on a marshalls whistle signals an emergency stop to the game, all players must remove their magazines and place weapons on the ground.





  • Pyrotechnic use is permitted for over 18’s only.

  • Yellow smoke is for use by Marshalls and event staff only, players are asked to not use yellow smoke.


  • NO homemade/DIY pyro.  Anyone found to be using unapproved pyro will be ejected and banned from the site.


  • Reusable pyrotechnics MUST be thrown underarm only.


  • Any pyro not purchased on site must be approved by us prior to use.


  • If pyro has not detonated do not retrieve it, notify a marshal immediately.


  • 5-meter kill radius for pyro. 

Find The Checkpoint

find us

Located less than 5 minutes from the A48 between Cardiff and Newport, we're very easy to find!

Screenshot 2023-02-20 144315.jpg

From the M4

Exit the M4 at junction 28 and take the A48 west bound, signed posted as Castleton or for you locals..

After passing the cross road junction, take the second exit at the roundabout continuing on the A48.

Move into the right hand lane and take the third exit at the roundabout on to Blacksmiths Way, marked as a no through road.

Follow Blacksmiths Way until you see a righthand turn to Nant-Y-Moor Park, take this turning and follow the road until you see the right hand turn to Nant -Y-Moor park.

Follow the driveway, adhering to the 10mph speed limit.

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