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The Battle of Dumnonia

Airsoft Battlesim

 Battle Sim incoming! Cornwall or Cymru?

Airsoft Cymru in conjunction with Celtic Airsoft, are running our first battle sim.


A time long ago Cornwall was a part of Wales, until the Romans arrived and split the land into new areas.

With worldwide unrest and civil war within the UK, Cornwall has seen an opportunity to become its own country but with the expected drop in tourism, they are seeking capital from other means.

The famous Cornish scientist Sir Jowan Yarg has discovered that the Bridgend area of Wales has untapped and plentiful natural resources that can be used to fund the Cornish war machine for many decades.

The Cornish leader, Edern Pasty has planned an invasion of the Bridgend area to claim it as part of Cornwall and pillage its natural resources.


The Cornish invasion force is heading to the Welsh coast but the Welsh defenders, rallied by Commander Daffyd Leek, are preparing a staunch defence of their homeland.

This event will run over the course of the weekend, with camping available on Saturday night (game pauses overnight).  Speak to us about single days if the weekend is too much for your old legs!

All profits will be passed over to our favourite charity, Hero Paws.


A briefing document will be provided upon booking.

Contact us for more information.


Private Hire

Due to our relationship with Celtic Airsoft, we're now able to offer private Airsoft events that can be completely tailored to suit your needs and player numbers.  These events can be run similar to a normal Airsoft skirmish day or we can create a more immersive story driven experience.

Our private hire events are perfect for stag and hen parties as well birthdays and team building events.

Please call us on 07860302526 to enquire or discuss your requirements.

Regular Games

Celtic Airsoft run regular games at their Merthyr Mawr site.  Every other Sunday full day and Thursday evening ganes  

Private Team Games

As a team, we occasionally hire out airsoft venues for private games.  Speak to a member of staff if this is something you would like to jump in on.