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Celtic Airsoft

Celtic Airsoft

After visiting Celtic Airsoft for a few skirmishes, we're not ashamed to say that we've fallen for this site. Based at next to the Merthyr Mawr Warren National Nature Reserve, this great site has fantastic Marshalls, regulars and FREE burgers!


Whether it be the site or the burgers, we're pleased to now call this our home site and we're able to offer you a free game at Celtic when you spend over £550 in our store (purchase must include a Gun, Battery & Charger).


We also plan to open a store at the site during game days, offering a great selection of good from our Cardiff store (while eating your free burger!).  

Visit Celtics website below and scroll down for further information.

Celtic Airsoft Smoke Grenade

The Venue

Celtic airsoft is a woodland skirmish site approximately 25 acres in size which is set close to the South Wales coast.


Celtic Airsoft is situated next to the Merthyr Mawr Warren National Nature Reserve which is home to the highest sand dune in Wales, known as the Big Dipper.


Fun fact-

The dune system here is like no other in Wales, partly due to the huge area it covers, it extends to 840 acres (the size of 340 international rugby pitches!).

Sand has settled on top of the ancient limestone cliffs creating a special habitat for insects, fungi and plants.


This offers us a great mix of vegetation to play airsoft and suits multiple play styles.

The best part about playing this area is the sandy soil gives good drainage so no muddy puddles which is perfect for our wet climate.



Half Day £15

10:00 - 13:00

13:00 - 16:00

Full Day £25

10:00 - 16:00

Hire Packages*

Half Day £30

Full Day £40

Free Hot Drinks and Water all day.


Hot Lunch Included in the Price.

*£10.00 deposit per person is required. All deposits are non refundable but can be transferred if you contact us 5 days before the Event.

Airsoft Player Skirmish

Site Rules

Airsoft Safe Zone


  • ALL Weapons must be made safe before entering the Safe Zone and MUST remain safe until you leave it! 

  • No Magazines in weapons, Chambers always cleared and safety’s on.

  • No Dry Firing in the safe zone. 

Celtic Airsoft


  • Eye protection must be worn at all times in the game area.  Eye protection may only be removed in the safe zone.

  • Under 18’s must wear full Face Protection.

  • Any issues with your Eye Protection drop to your knees, cover your eyes and call for a marshal.

  • If you see anyone crouched with their eyes covered do not engage.

  • If you have a catastrophic fail cover your eyes and shout STOP keep shouting this until you are met with help. 

Airsoft Skirmish


  • All weapons must pass chronograph before use with our 0.20bb

  • Spot Checks will be made throughout the day.  These spot checks are carried out to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Please don’t feel singled out if chosen.

  • AEG 365fps

  • DMR/semi only 450fps

  • Sniper rifles 500fps

Airsoft Safe Zone


  • Take your hits. When hit raise your hand and shout HIT.  Hold your weapon with its barrel skywards so that it’s obvious you are out.

  • If someone isn’t taking their hits, call a marshal don’t shout or swear at them.

  • Anyone arguing will be asked to respawn, if this continues you will be asked to sit out the rest of the game. 

  • NO blind firing, you must have line of sight, anyone blind firing will be respawned, and any hits made will not count.

  • Game rules will be briefed at the start of the game – listen to it, understand it and if you don’t ask questions - there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

  • Ricochet and weapon hits don’t count. Unless briefed otherwise.

  • Knife kills are a simple touch on the shoulder. Knife kills are silent kills don’t call hit just raise your hand and respawn – do not highlight that you have been knife killed to anyone on your team.

  • Dead men walking - if your hit, your dead until respawn - dead men don’t talk.

  • If you are caught talking, yourself and those you are talking to will be respawned.

  • No foul language at any time, if this is witnessed you will be respawned.  If it continues then you will be asked to return to the safe zone where you may receive a game ban.  Continued use of bad language and you will be asked to leave.

Airsoft Sniper


  • Please refrain from taking headshots.

  • If your head is the only target, please don’t get upset as you are presenting your head as a target.

Contact Celtic


07950 580 217 


 07968 060 826

Airsoft Smoke Grenade


  • Over 18’s only.

  • Underarm throw only, nothing head height.

  • Any pyro not supplied by us must be checked before use. 

  • If pyro has not detonated do not retrieve it, notify a marshal immediately.

  • 5-meter kill radius for pyro. 

  • 10-meter kill radius for TAG rounds

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