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Meet The Airsoft Cymru Team

Airsoft Player, Airsoft Skirmish, Celtic Airsoft, Airsoft Cymru

Bobby (Parrot) Manager (and the Brains)

After serving 9 and half years in the armed services , Bobby went on to become a close protection officer. After many years of active tours and guarding VIP's , Bobby changed his career direction and started working for the NHS ambulance service where he has been for the last 8 years across three different trusts. Bobby is also one of our Tech's and able to carry out upgrades and general serving. Bobby is a regular player and Marshall and enjoys traveling to different sites all over the UK and abroad.

Airsoft Player, Airsoft Skirmish, Celtic Airsoft, Airsoft Cymru

Rhys (Slotho) 

When you order a bar stool from Wish?!  Rhys has come from a retail background where he has worked for the last 8 years. Rhys is a Marshall and regular player of airsoft across many sites all over the UK for many years. He is a very skilled tech, able to do all tasks from upgrading to specialist fabrication. 



One of our more experienced players, Keith is always ready to help you with all of your airsoft queries, You'll always find him helping out in the shop or playing at Celtic with the rest of us. 


Simon (SiCo)

We brought Simon in to help us on the tech side of things, strategic planning and supplier/customer relationships.  Coming for a corporate IT environment, SImon is the most PC literate of us all which makes up for his lack of Airsoft skill ;)



The youngest of them all (and the prettiest), Nate is our newest member of the team and is always ready to answer your airsoft related questions. Nate has been playing airsoft for the past year and plays  every game day at Celtic. You'll find Nate in the shop on Monday's and Fridays as he is also studying ICT In college during the week.

Airsoft Player, Airsoft Skirmish, Celtic Airsoft, Airsoft Cymru, Crye, Crye Precisision

Lee (Hotel Oscar 2 aka The Black Unicorn)

I don't know how old he is or what his real job is but if you're lucky enough to meet Lee in the store, it's because he's borrowing our workshop to fix or paint his guns!  That said, he loves to chat to customers and players both new and old and is very very keen to encourage new people to the sport of Airsoft.

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