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Bobby's Bio Balls - Finally!

Biodegradable BBs

There's been plenty of people waiting to get there hands on Bobby's Balls...

It's been a long time coming but we've finally been able to bring Bobby's own balls to our shelves!

As players, we only use biodegradable BBs. Our go to site is situated in an area of natural outstanding beauty so not only is it in the site rules but we believe it's the only type of BBs that should be used. For this reason we've gone all out to ensure that we're bringing the most eco friendly Bios BBs to you that we possibly can:

  • The bottle labels are printed on recycled paper

  • The bottles are made from recycled plastic

  • We've selected a packaging supplier that plants a tree for every 100 bottles sold

  • We're offering refills for a reduced cost. If you bring your bottle back to use, we'll refill it with the same weight BBs with a reduction in cost of £1.75.

  • The Biodegradable BBs are backed up with a certificate of declaration, confirming they meet pass the Controlled Aerobic Composting Test (ISO 14855-1:2012).

We've ran these BBs in our own guns for several games days and found they run perfectly in all our RIFs.

And of course it goes without saying - these triple polished BBs have diameter of 5.95mm with a 0.01 mm tolerance. They shoot pretty awesome!

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