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Armorer Works Custom Hi-Capa GBB Blue

The Armorer Works Custom Hi-Capa GBB Blue is a highly customized, performance-oriented gas blowback airsoft pistol, perfect for players seeking style, reliability, and precision in their sidearm. It blends a unique, standout aesthetic with high-level functionality to create a truly exceptional airsoft handgun.


This Armorer Works Custom Hi-Capa model features a robust full-metal construction, lending to its realistic weight and substantial feel. The construction is not only durable but also lends to its reliability, ensuring the weapon's performance stays consistent even under high-stress gameplay scenarios.


The striking blue accents on the slide, trigger, and grip make this pistol stand out from the crowd, giving it a unique look without sacrificing performance or reliability. These custom blue accents are perfectly complemented by the gun's sleek black body, resulting in a stylish contrast that is sure to catch the eye on any airsoft field.


The gas blowback system is a significant feature of this Armorer Works model. The system gives the weapon a realistic, satisfying kick with each shot fired, adding to the immersion of the airsoft experience. It is also worth mentioning that the Hi-Capa GBB Blue uses green gas, which is easy to refill and readily available.

The pistol features a high-capacity magazine, meaning you'll have plenty of rounds to cover those high-adrenaline moments in your games. The weapon's semi-automatic firing mode ensures rapid follow-up shots, giving players a competitive edge in fast-paced skirmishes.

One of the key aspects of this model is its adjustable hop-up system, allowing players to adjust the backspin on the BBs for more accurate shooting over varying distances. This feature, coupled with the gun's smooth and efficient trigger action, ensures high precision in every shot.


The Armorer Works Custom Hi-Capa GBB Blue is more than just a stylish airsoft pistol. It offers an impressive blend of aesthetics, power, and performance, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned airsoft players and beginners alike.

Armorer Works Custom Hi-Capa GBB Blue


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