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Chiappa Charging Rhino 30DS Co2 Revolver 3"

The Chiappa Charging Rhino 30DS Co2 Revolver (3") is a unique and innovative airsoft revolver, designed to emulate the distinctive features and performance of the real Chiappa Rhino firearm. This 3-inch barrel version stands out with its revolutionary design and exceptional functionality, making it a highly sought-after piece among airsoft enthusiasts and collectors.


The revolver is constructed with a combination of metal and high-quality polymer, giving it a robust and durable feel while maintaining a comfortable weight. Its ergonomic grip is designed for comfort and control, making it suitable for extended use in airsoft scenarios. The revolver also includes adjustable sights for improved accuracy and a tactical rail for attaching accessories.

Chiappa Charging Rhino 30DS Co2 Revolver 3"


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