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Double Bell AM45 Vorpal Bunny Gas Blowback Pistol (Black - Metal - 796-1)

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The Double Bell AM45 Vorpal Bunny Gas Blowback Pistol - black is a unique airsoft gun that balances functionality, performance, and style in a compact package.

This model, coded as 796-1, features an alluring pink metallic finish that sets it apart from traditional firearms, making it both an effective tool in airsoft battles and a charming piece for collectors.

Constructed with high-quality metal, the AM45 Vorpal Bunny Pistol has a solid, heavy-duty feel that adds a sense of realism to your airsoft gaming experience. The detailed construction and the robust materials used to create this model ensure its durability and longevity.


At the heart of the AM45 Vorpal Bunny Pistol is the reliable gas blowback system. This technology provides an authentic recoil feel every time you fire, giving the shooter a realistic firing experience. It also contributes to the airsoft gun's accuracy and range, making it a formidable weapon on the airsoft battlefield.


The Double Bell AM45 features a well-designed pistol grip that fits comfortably in the hand, offering an excellent grip. This feature reduces the chances of accidental slips during high-intensity airsoft games, ensuring precise aim and control. It also allows for easier maneuvering and quicker target acquisition.


The AM45 Vorpal Bunny Pistol also stands out due to its capacity to provide a high rate of fire. With an easy-to-load magazine and smooth trigger action, this pistol enables rapid-fire capabilities that can overwhelm opponents in close-quarters combat scenarios.

This airsoft pistol also comes with adjustable sights, allowing for fine-tuning to meet individual preference or specific scenario needs.


The precision and adaptability of the AM45 Vorpal Bunny ensure your performance in any airsoft game won't be compromised.


To sum up, the Double Bell AM45 Vorpal Bunny Gas Blowback Pistol (Pink - Metal - 796-1) is a top-notch, uniquely-styled airsoft pistol that offers impressive performance and durability. Its pink metallic finish is a bold statement, sure to catch the eye on and off the field. Whether you are an airsoft enthusiast looking to diversify your arsenal, or a collector seeking unique pieces, this pistol is a worthy addition.

Double Bell AM45 Vorpal Bunny Gas Blowback Pistol (Black - Metal - 796-1)

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