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Silverback HTI .50 BMG

The HTI monolithic receiver is the largest piece of CNC in the airsoft industry. This massive piece of 2 Kg, made of aeronautical grade aluminium, by CNC, features the patented barrel mount by Desert Tech, that strongly clamps onto the barrel and firmly secure it. Each receiver has a unique engraved serial number. The handguard (CNC, aeronautical grade aluminium) is using Desert Tech rail attachment system.


The outer barrel (CNC, aeronautical grade aluminium) is deeply fluted and equipped with a massive .50 BMG muzzle brake (SBA-FHD-05). The barrel is threaded (M25X1.5), and can receive the Elite Iron Alpha .50 Silencer, or the M14x1 CCW adapter.

Silverback HTI .50 BMG


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