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A&K M1 Garand ( Real Wood)
Weight (g)3550
Barrel Length (mm)590
Barrel Bore (mm)6.03
Approx. FPS320 (+/- 10)
Main MaterialsMetal; Wood
Included(x1) A&K M1 Garand
(x1) Magazine
(x1) Manual
Compatible MagazinesAK-A042 (A&K M1 Garand 24R Magzine)
Compatible Batteries / GasNiMh 8.4v Block
Rear Stock Fitting


he Replica


A&Ks M1 Garand is designed for players on the field, but will also draw the attention of re-enactors and collectors wanting to fill closer to this well respected period in history. This AEG platform features a fully stained wooden stock with a metal receiver & barrel. Contained within is a V7 Gearbox providing some room for upgrades in the future if required. The 20R magazine is loaded from the underside just forward of the functioning safety and is held securely in place whilst moving on the field. With accurate furniture such as bayonet lugs and sling points – you will certainly feel like a heroic paratrooper in Normandy, or a fierce marine, island hoping across the Pacific.


The Original


The standard-issue US infantry rifle from the Second World War is one of the most iconic bits of military hardware ever produced. With over 3 million manufactured from 1937 to the wars end in 1945 (production continued to 1957), the M1 Garands ingenious design helped American forces achieve objectives throughout Europe and across the Pacific. Providing US troops with a semi-automatic rifle when their adversaries were using much slower firing bolt-action rifles was certainly a major advantage for Allied forces. Such was the M1 Garands effectiveness, the famous 4-star general George S. Patton famously commentated on the M1 – “…the greatest battle implement ever devised.” – high praise from a general famously linked with the development of the first tanks in WWI.


The M1 Garand contains a couple of iconic features that reflect the love for this famous battle rifle. Notably the famous “PING!” as the empty clip flies from the top of the receiver upon discharging its last round, as well as the equally infamous “Garand Thumb”, as your thumb gets mashed up by the bolt flying forward to engage the clips first round – OUCH!

A&K M1 Garand ( Real Wood)

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