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This incredibly popular SMG needs little introduction, you've probably seen and heard on at your local skirmsh site but this one comes with that little bit of extra bling!


As is typical for G&G, the markings are very clean and clearly applied. The body is provided with a unique serial number and on the handguard is the M-LOK sign. M-LOK is a system similar to Picatinny or Keymod for tactical accessories.


The hop-up cover is on the right side as a case ejection flap.

If you pull back the T-lever you get to the finely adjustable hop-up. The hop-up grips extremely well, so please only adjust it in very small steps.

A clear change causes a change in the muzzle velocity of around 4 m/s. That doesn't sound like much, but it's already over 5% of the permitted 0.5 joules of energy.


With the G&G ARP 9, the Fast Forward Assist can also be moved like the T-lever, but is otherwise just for show and has no other function.


The T-lever is the noble version of G&G and can be operated on the left, right or both sides.


The fire selector lever can be operated on the left. This is one of the differences to the GC versions, for example, which can be operated from both sides.


On the upper Picatinny rail, metal rear sight and front sight are screwed with extremely good workmanship, which can be easily removed with a screwdriver. The rear sight can be adjusted laterally and has two reticles. The front sight can be adjusted in height.

The rear sight and front sight can be folded down directly without a safety device.


The muzzle fire suppressor can be unscrewed and has a CCW 14 mm left-hand thread for dummy silencers.


The Version 2 metal gearbox in combination with the high torque motor with a long axis and up to 18000 revolutions per minute brings constant energy and an amazing cadence (Rate of Fire, "ROF") of over 1200 rounds per minute.


Thanks to the high torque motor, you have an extremely fast response time of the trigger and, as mentioned before, an extremely high rate of fire. Gearjams are virtually impossible because an ETU (electronic trigger unit) and Mosfet have been installed.

Like the Ares EFCS system, the G&G ETU is an electronic control unit for the trigger unit. Among other things, it enables protection against deep discharge of the battery and a programmable shot mode.

Holding the trigger for 10 seconds in Semi will switch the continuous fire to a 3-shot burst. The burst is a lot of fun and will quickly dominate on 0.5 pitches.


The trigger is a modern speed trigger with a straight design.


The V2 Gearbox is reinforced and upgraded with quality parts like Airsealnozzle (for constant energy) and steel gears.

In addition, an "M-Block" is installed and protects the gearbox shells from breakage. Simple V2 gearboxes can break after long use, that doesn't happen here. Excess energy is transferred to the body.


The modern designed sliding shaft with a ribbed cover for a better position can be adjusted 1-way in length, which is around 9 cm. Below the shaft on the body there is a stable eyelet for slings.

The battery is also stored in the shaft. The battery compartment is approx. 13 cm long and 3.2 cm wide. Even if that's quite a lot of space, don't forget that the cables, the fuse and the mosfet are also in the battery compartment.


  • Length(mm) 497
    Weight (g) 2000
    Fire Modes Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
    Barrel Length (mm) 128
    Rails 20 mm RIS/RAS
    Approx. FPS 329
    Main Materials

    Polymer Reciever & Hand Guard


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