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his Airsoft Electric Gun is a fully licensed replica of the Cobalt Kinetics TEAM 5.56x45mm AR platform rifle, which was made as a competition gun to massively improve timings by shortening operation of the rifle with an Automatic Magazine Ejection system called CARS. This system has proved itself with 21 podium finishes and two world titles in the Competitive Shooting scene. The Airsoft Replica is designed to perfectly mimic the system by having a spring-loaded flap on the magazine which will activate as soon as the last BB has left the magazine, prompting you to insert a new magazine, and shaving precious seconds off your reload time. The Gearbox will stop turning over once the magazine has ejected, and will continue to fire again once a magazine is detected inside the magwell. This system can be deactivated with a small Toggle Switch on the top of the magazine; alternatively you can use traditional Airsoft M4 Magazines as you would in any other Airsoft Gun, but CARS compatible magazines are required for the Auto-Drop Function to work.


Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team

Known to be one of the most innovated firearm manufacturers from Utah, USA, Cobalt Kinetics wins the hearts of sport shooters worldwide. In early 2019, G&G debut the first Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team Airsoft gun at Shot Show, it certainly drea alot of attention from Airsofters. G&G faithfully replicated the Auto-Drop magazine function and included G&Gs latest G2 gearbox system including the power-cut safety and advance ETU trigger unit. The G&G BAMF is a bold solid Airsoft gun for those looking for futuristic, purpose driven and high performance AEG.



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