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Provide cover fire for your teammates and rain BB's on your enemies with the G&G CM16 LMG Airsoft Rifle!

The innovative minds at G&G took their esteemed CM16 design and brought it back to the drawing board to add a couple more features similar to other LMG styles. 

The multicam black magazine cover protects against dirt and debris, but can also be removed based on player preference. The included mock bullets can be attached to rifle and box magazine by opening the functional bolt cover and loading the bullets in place, much like a real LMG.


This RIF features 20mm picatinny rail sections along the top and bottom of this rifle providing ample space for tactical accessories including optic sights and included foregrip. G&G has included a retractable bi-pod with the CM16 LMG to assist players in keeping the rifle stable when in a stationary position. The metal flash hider at the end of the barrel is removable to uncover 14mm CCW barrel threads, giving players the option to add a tracer unit or suppressor.


  • Length(mm) 823
    Weight (g) 4135
    Fire Modes Safe Semi Full Auto
    Barrel Length (mm) 357
    Rails 20 mm RIS/RAS
    Approx. FPS 330
    Main Materials Polymer