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G&G CM16 WILD HOG 13.5

The longest version of the Wild Hog family.

This is the latest version of the G&G Combat Machine. The weapon is constucted from some Alloy: Stock Tube, Hand Guard and Barrel, with a Polymer Pistol Grip, Magazine and Stock.

The weapon has a high attention to detail, giving the user a multitude of features only seen on Expensive High-End Guns, such as the Ambidextrous Fire Select, Magazine Release, aswell as an in-built MOSFET Unit, Electronic Trigger and Fuse System.  The MOSFET protects the gun from damage, aswell as includes a three round burst mode which replaces the full-auto function if needed.

The Flash-Hider of the weapon is designed to enhance the noise output of the rifle, making it sound louder than traditional AEG, letting the enemy know your intentions quite clearly. The top of the weapon features a full length 20mm RIS / RAS Rail Panel, allowing the attachment of a variety of Scopes and Sights. The hand-guard features a Key-Mod Rail system, allowing you to attach a variety of KeyMod Rail Attachments, such as Foregrips, Rail Panels and more. The magazine is unique to the G&G Range, featuring a Rubber Hand Molded Grip, giving extra hold and stability on the magazine. The stock of the weapon is multi-position adjustable, featuring a rubber butt stock for extra grip, aswell as a textured cheek rest.




G&G CM16 WILD HOG 13.5

  • Length(mm) 920
    Weight (g) 2512
    Fire Modes Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
    Barrel Length (mm) 357
    Rails 20 mm Picatinny Rail
    Approx. FPS 329
    Main Materials

    Polymer Reciever with a MetalMMtal MHand Guard

    Compatible Batteries 11.1V Lipo with 25C below

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