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The SA80/L85 has historically not received much love in the Airsoft world. Very few manufacturers attempt to build them, and their complicated design usually leads to difficulties down the line. However, G&G has risen to the task and excelled themselves in creating the G&G L85 AFV ETU that we deserve. Weighing in at ~4kg, this replica actually slightly exceeds the unloaded weight of the real thing. Featuring realistic construction such as the stamped steel and heat-treated receiver along with high-quality Polymers on the grips, this weapon is the closest you can possibly get to owning a real gun without signing up. The G&G L85 AFV ETU has received the G&G treatment by way of an Electronic Trigger Unit, making the trigger pull light, pleasant, and consistent. The ETU also helps prevent gearbox locking when rapid firing on a single shot, as well as preventing the classic fault of trigger contact failure. The G&G L85 AFV ETU also features a MOSFET which allows for the use of 11.1v batteries. The rate of fire when using 11.1v is absolutely insane, and when coupled with the piston-driven electric blowback makes for one of the most fun shooting experiences you can have in Airsoft at the moment. Included in the box is a 4 x SUSAT sight that attaches straight in place of the carry handle, making this weapon not only an excellent CQB monster but a beast in the woodland and other outdoor sites where a medium-range optic will benefit you.



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