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Single Point Bungee Sling - Tan
  • Tan Colour
  • Length - Shortest (70 - 120 cm) / Longest (96 - 172 cm)
  • (x3) QR Buckles
  • Durable Nylon Material with Steel Buckles


Choosing the correct sling for your loadout could be the difference between undergoing weapon transitions like a PRO, or tripping over your Primary as its flailing about at your side. At NUPROL, we offer 1-Point, 2-Point and 3-Point in Black, Tan, Green & Camo.


1-Point – Consisting of a large BUNGEE LOOP, mounted to a QD buckle, mounted again to a strong steel buckle that fits to your primary. Usually fitted to the mid-sling point of your rifle to ensure a good centre of balance, the advantages of the 1-Point sling is that you can very quickly “drop” your primary to transition to your secondary. When ‘dropped’ your rifle will fall to your side providing you with unimpeded movement to stay on target with your secondary. 1-Point slings are not ideal for “long rifles” as the muzzle can make contact with the ground when “dropped”. Also, the sling does not hold the rifle securely to your body, and will need to be held onto when moving at speed.

Single Point Bungee Sling - Tan


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