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The SOCOM 16 is part of the M14 family, and was originally brought about as a modernisation of the highly successful M14 platform. This introduced a much shorter Barrel to the rifle as well as accessory rails on the Receiver to mount optics. This makes the platform much easier to use with it being a sensible length, and the ability to add optics and extra rails means you can make it your own.

The external build quality is fantastic, with High Density Polymers used for the Stock, and a textured surface to improve handling (especially when wearing gloves). Every other aspect of the Rifle is finished with Alloy, which makes it very realistic and tough, bringing the total weight to 3.6kg. The Upper Receiver/Heat Shield features a 20mm Rail which can be used to install a Sight or Scope, and a threaded slot above the Magazine Well allows you to install the classic M14 Side Rail. If you're an old-school Airsofter then you will appreciate the Integrated Ironsights, which are adjustable to ensure you can achieve accuracy out of the box.

The SOC16 ETU is a friendly platform for both Left and Right Handers, with the Magazine Release and Safety being located centrally on the underside of the Rifle. The Safety will prevent the Trigger from being pulled, and the Magazine Release is a paddle design much like the AK series. The Fire Selector can be found on the offside of the Receiver, and needs pushing in and rotating to change Fire Mode. It is Semi/Auto out of the box, but can be reprogrammed to Burst Fire instead of Full Auto, should you wish. The Charging Handle isn't part of the Rifle's function, but is incredibly satisfying to pull, and also gives access to the Rotary HOP Unit underneath. This can be used to add backspin to your BBs and improve their flight path by keeping them in the air for longer. Some experimentation with settings and BB weights will be required depending on where you are playing. The Charging Handle can be locked open by holding back the Charging Handle and pressing down on the spring-loaded lever on the opposite side of the Receiver. This makes HOP Adjustments much easier, but make sure to keep your fingers free from the Charging Handle in case it releases! A set of front and rear Sling Loops can be utilised for a Two-Point Sling setup to make the Rifle easier to carry throughout the day.

The Rear of the Rifle is where your Battery should be connected, and can be accessed by lifting up the Butt Pad, opening the Battery Door and reaching inside the Stock. Inside, you will see the MOSFET and Mini Tamiya Connector. Due to the G&G ETU & MOSFET, you will need to use an 11.1v LiPo Battery to get the most out of this Gun (otherwise the Low Voltage Protection will cut off too early and stop the Rifle shooting). The Electronic Trigger Unit makes for a great Trigger Response and also improves the lifespan of the Rifle by preventing the Carbon build-up that happens on traditional Trigger Switches. The ETU & MOSFET also means that you can quickly reprogram your Full Auto setting to Burst Fire by holding down the Trigger in Semi for ten seconds. Repeat this process to set it back again.

Included in the box is a 400rnd High Capacity Magazine which is filled by opening the top Fill Window and pouring BBs in. The Clockwork Winding Wheel on the base of the Magazine needs winding to start feeding BBs into the Rifle. If you're looking to build a Special Forces loadout and you want to stray away from the all-too-common AR Platform, or you're wanting to build a devastatingly effective DMR with a relatively short overall size, or you just want a piece of history which is crafted to perfection and ready for 11.1v LiPos, the G&G Armament SOC16 ETU ticks all these boxes.



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