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Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle 50AE GBB pistol

The Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE GBB Pistol is a premium airsoft handgun that replicates the powerful Desert Eagle, one of the most iconic handguns in the world. 


Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE GBB Pistol


  • Model Origin: Tokyo Marui is a reputable Japanese manufacturer known for its high-quality airsoft guns. Their products are often regarded as some of the best in the industry, thanks to their attention to detail, performance, and durability.


  • Design & Appearance: This model closely mimics the design and aesthetics of the real Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 Action Express, a large-framed gas-operated semi-automatic pistol. It sports a hefty look with its large dimensions, complete with authentic trademarks and markings.


  • Material: Made primarily from high-quality ABS plastic, this model keeps its weight manageable despite its large size. However, key internal components are metallic, ensuring durability and robust performance.


  • Gas Blowback System (GBB): This pistol operates on a gas blowback mechanism, which offers a realistic recoil experience every time it's fired. It closely mimics the slide action of the real firearm, adding an immersive feel for the user.


  • Magazine Capacity: The magazine typically holds around 27 rounds of 6mm BBs, giving users ample shots for most airsoft engagements.


  • Performance: Tokyo Marui's GBB system provides consistent shot velocity and accuracy, making it a favored choice among airsoft enthusiasts. Its hop-up system (a mechanism that imparts backspin to the BBs) can be adjusted to enhance shooting accuracy at varying distances.


  • Safety Features: Just like the real firearm, it features a functional safety switch, allowing users to carry it safely when not in active use.


  • Customizability: While the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE is impressive out of the box, it can also be upgraded. Many third-party components and accessories are available, allowing enthusiasts to enhance performance or aesthetics according to their preferences.

Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle 50AE GBB pistol

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