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G&G presents an addition to their sniper rifle arsenal, the Tr80 DMR!

Get ready for some serious upgrades with the TR80 DMR. The rifle boasts an M-LOK slide, full CNC-machined metal frames and a fully adjustable and flip-up GOS-V12 stock.
The TR80 features G&G's latest and greatest technology - the G3 gearbox. This design ensures quick change of the spring and MOSFET module, making maintenance a breeze. The innovative hop-up chamber includes an empty charger power cut. Additionally, it adjusts via a screw on the throttle block and also locks into the top of the gearbox to improve compression.

But that is not all! The new optical selector takes things to the next level. The TR80 features an adjustable trigger that can be varied to one of three levels, making it incredibly versatile. And with the addition of the pre-cocking mode that can be programmed from the trigger or wireless programming remote, you're sure to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Brand: G&G Armament
Model: TR80 DMR
Weight: 3300g
Length: 1002mm
Barrel length: 475mm x 6.03mm
Magazine: 48-round Mid-Cap
Handle: Ergonomic Tactical
Shell: in very high quality metal with silk-screened G&G logos
Stock: GOS-V12 model adjustable in 6 positions in length, foldable and with adjustable cheek rest
Full aluminum front Ris system compatible with M LOK system
Ambidextrous magazine release button
Fire selector located on both sides of the body
Rear sights: Full metal adjustable removable flip-ups
Mode of action: electric
Firing Mode: Safe/Single
Quick spring release
MOSFET G3 electronic board and with electronic trigger control
Caliber: 6mm (0.20/0.23/0.25g)
Battery placed in the stock, T-DEAN attachment, recommended stick model (not included)

Technical features
Gear box: Full metal G3 dedicated split with integrated MOSFET
Quick spring release.
Hop up: Dedicated, lockable on gearbox, adjustable from the front
Motor: 18000 rpm long shaft
Gears: completely made of steel
Bushings: 8mm metal bearings
Piston: in reinforced ABS
Piston head: in ABS with double O-Ring
Cylinder: in aluminium
Cylinder head: in abs
Spring: 1 joule
Nozzle: ABS with double O-Ring
Trigger: Electronic

Included in the price
1x G&G TR80 DMR
1x 48 round magazine
1x Remote control for programming
Manual and Instructions