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WE Makarov dual barrel - black

The WE Makarov Dual Barrel in black is a highly distinctive airsoft pistol, offering a unique twist on the classic Makarov design. Here’s a detailed description of its features:

  • Design and Build Quality: The WE Makarov Dual Barrel maintains the classic, sleek silhouette of the original Makarov but with a significant modification: two parallel barrels. This gives the pistol an unusual and eye-catching appearance. The build is primarily metal, which provides a realistic heft and solid feel, while the black finish lends it a covert, tactical look.

  • Dual Barrel System: Unlike traditional single-barrel pistols, the dual-barrel system allows for two shots with each trigger pull, doubling the firepower and the potential for impact in skirmish scenarios. This unique feature is a standout in design and functionality.

  • Gas Blowback Mechanism: This pistol features a gas blowback system, which means that each shot is accompanied by a kinetic slide action, enhancing the realistic feel of the pistol. The blowback is more pronounced due to the double-barrel configuration, providing a distinctive shooting experience.

  • Accuracy and Range: The dual barrels are designed to fire simultaneously, which can increase the spread of shots and potentially improve hit probability at close ranges. However, it requires practice to master the aiming with this setup, especially at longer distances.

  • Magazine and Capacity: The WE Makarov Dual Barrel uses a specially designed magazine to feed both barrels. While this might reduce the total round count compared to single-barrel pistols, it allows for a unique firing capability.

  • Sights and Target Acquisition: The pistol is equipped with standard Makarov sights, which are low-profile and designed for quick, close-range target acquisition. These sights complement the intended use of the pistol in close-quarters combat scenarios.

  • Ergonomics and Handling: The dual-barrel design does not significantly alter the ergonomics of the original Makarov. The grip and controls remain user-friendly, with the added width of the dual barrels being the main difference users will notice.

  • Performance and Reliability: WE's reputation for reliable gas systems extends to the Makarov Dual Barrel. The pistol is known for consistent gas efficiency and a robust firing mechanism, ensuring reliable performance during use.

  • Collectible and Novelty Appeal: Aside from its functional role in airsoft, the dual-barrel Makarov is a conversation piece and a unique addition to any airsoft collection. It stands out due to its unconventional design and is often sought after by collectors for its novelty value.

  • Applications: Due to its distinctive dual firing action, this pistol is particularly suited for airsoft players looking for a backup weapon with a high surprise factor or those who participate in historical or thematic games where the Makarov design is appreciated.

The WE Makarov Dual Barrel - Black is an innovative airsoft sidearm that combines the classic aesthetics of the Makarov pistol with the unique functional advantage of a dual-barrel setup, offering airsoft enthusiasts a rare and engaging shooting experience.

WE Makarov dual barrel - black