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The Battle of Dumnonia

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Airsoft Cymru in conjunction with Celtic Airsoft, are running our first battle sim.

Intel suggests that the Cornish want to reclaim the land of Wales to pilfer it's natural resources(!!...) Travelling to Wales via sea & river, the Cornish invaders plan to quickly overrun the local militia but the patriotic Welsh are already digging in, preparing a staunch defence of their homeland.

Starting on the 13th of August, this battle sim will run for the duration of the weekend with the aim of raising money for the Hero Paws charity.

We'll be able to allow players onsite from 8:30am to set up camp, load up on gas and BBs and so on. We'll be starting the game play at 11:00am with day one finishing at 21:00 where you can decamp for a hog roast. Site restrictions do mean that any music will have to come to an end by 23:00.

Sunday game play will start at 9:30 and finish at 16:00, followed by the winners awards.

While there will be a hog roast on Saturday night, Saturday lunch won't be provided but the normal Celtic Sunday burgers will be! We also recommend that you bring your own snacks and maybe a means to keep them with you in the game zone. This obviously won't be your normal Sunday skirmish and you could find yourself in the 'battle' for multiple hours at a time.

A limited number of bacon butties will be available from the Airsoft Cymru, for a small donation to Hero Paws.

As this is a battle sim, we'll be losing the armbands, so there will be a uniform rule in place:

Welsh Rebels

Civvies (Jeans, T-shirts, Shirts, Hoodies)

Plain/Solid colour military or combat uniforms (No camo patterns)

Plate carriers and battle rigs can be any colour and camo pattern.

Cornish Alliance

Any camo pattern military or combat uniform (No plain/solid colours or civvies)

Plate carriers and battle rigs can be any colour and camo pattern.

As this is a battle sim we will be including some different rules from Sunday skirmishes such as:

Medic Rule (Inc simulated carry)

HVT Interrogation rule

Restrictions on Ghillie suits

Ammo Restrictions

Full rules will be published soon but please get in touch if you want an elaboration of these rules or have any questions prior to booking.

Rental packages are available for the duration of the event, this includes an airsoft weapon, BBs and any safety equipment you will require.

Rental price £145 per person.

Non rental/Walk on price £115 per person

Due to limited places, a £50 deposit will be required at time of booking with the remaining balance to be paid on arrival or by calling Airsoft Cymru on 07860 302526.

Saturday camping can be added for a small extra fee, please call to confirm.

This is going to be a great warm up to the NAF!

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